Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name Written Remains mean?
Written Remains has a double meaning. The first is that the written word is preserved in books, physical and electronic, long after the writer has passed. The second is that the writer has a perfect vision in his/her mind of what his/her story should be before s/he begins writing, but that vision is never completely transferred to the page. The written remains are the remnants of the writers vision after it’s transferred to the page.

How did the Written Remains Writers Guild get started?
The Written Remains Writers Guild, founded in 2009, evolved from a writers critique group founded in 1996.

Who’s in charge of the Guild?
The Guild has a Director, an Assistant Director, and a Council.

Who belongs to the Written Remains Writers Guild?
Professional fiction authors and poets, published fiction authors and poets, professional editors, independent publishers, and other writing professionals.

Can I join the Written Remains Writers Guild?
Becoming a member of the Guild is by invitation, requires the sponsorship of a Guild member, and an unanimous vote of acceptance by the Council.

How do I get an invitation and sponsorship?
Get to know Guild members, attend our events, participate in our programs on-line and on the ground. We look for writers who are dedicated and serious about their writing and careers, who are published with professional networks, and who can bring other useful skills they are willing to share with the group. We look for writers who are willing to work as hard for the good of the whole Guild as they are for themselves. That being said, there is no guarantee of an invitation, as we take in no more than one new member per year, if that.

Can I join one of the WR critique groups?
The WR critique groups are primarily for members of the Guild, but non-members may apply. Membership is limited, requires sponsorship by a current, active member of the critique group, submission of an application package and writing sample, and a unanimous vote of acceptance from the current group members.

Can I submit a story to a WR anthology?
Stories by guest authors that appear in WR anthologies are by an invitation from the editors. Please note that an invitation does not guarantee acceptance.

How do I sign up for the WR newsletter?
You can subscribe to our email list by filling out and submitting the Newsletter Sign-Up form in the Sidebar of any page on this site.

How do I contact the Written Remains Writers Guild?
You can send an email message to the Guild at writtenremainswritersguild[at]