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Someone Wicked: A Written Remains Anthology

Edited by JM Reinbold and Weldon Burge
Smart Rhino Publications

Avaricious, cruel, depraved, envious, mean-spirited, vengeful—the wicked have been with us since the beginnings of humankind. You might recognize them or you might not. But make no mistake. When the wicked cross your path, your life will never be the same. Do you know someone wicked? You will.

Twenty-one stories by Written Remains Writers Guild members Weldon Burge, Carson Buckingham, Patrick Derrickson, Michael Dunne, Gail Husch, Ramona DeFelice Long, Maria Masington, JM Reinbold, Justynn Tyme, and Shannon Connor Winward.

And stories by our friends Joseph Badal, Doug Blakeslee, Ernestus Jiminy Chald, Liz DeJesus, Shaun Meeks, Christine Morgan, Billie Sue Mosiman, Chantal Noordeloos, Russell Reece, Barbara Ross, and L. L. Soares.

“This is a perfect example of a top notch collection of mostly spectacular stories from a wide array of authors.” — Art Griswold.

“Another superb anthology.” — Fair Reviews.

Someone Wicked is only $3.95 for Kindle!

Also available in paperback.

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Missing by JM Reinbold

DCI Crowe and his Sergeant Rolly Burke are investigating the disappearance of three-year-old Evie Mortimer from her home in the village of Brightworthy. Despite intensive searches and house-to-house inquiries, they’re unable to discover a single clue to the girl’s whereabouts until one of Evie’s pink shoes, the ones she was wearing the day she disappeared, is discovered in the alley behind the Mortimer’s house, an area that’s been searched and cleared more than once, an area that is under constant police surveillance. That can mean only one thing, or so it would seem. Just when Crowe and Burke think they’ve figured out what happened to Evie, the sequence of events and evidence takes a strange and disturbing turn. The clock is ticking on little Evie Mortimer and if Crowe and Burke can’t find her, she may never be seen again … alive.

“‘Missing’ is a great story. Better than any episode of Law & Order I’ve ever seen.” — Dog-earred-reader

“JM Reinbold has captured British mystery storytelling and brought it to the forefront of the novella mystery genre. The talents and camaraderie of Detective Chief Inspector Crowe and Detective Sergeant Burke leave us wanting more mysterious tales. This quick story was fun to read and the ending was certainly unexpected! If you like twist endings, memorable characters, and succinct storytelling, give Missing – A DCI Rylan Crowe Mystery by JM Reinbold a read. You won’t be disappointed.” — Cindy Cavett

Missing: A DCI Rylan Crowe Mystery is only $2.99 for Kindle!

Also available in paperback.

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Noble Rot by Carson Buckingham

What would you pay for half a huge duplex, ideally located and completely furnished with beautiful antiques that you could take with you, free of charge, if you ever move?
The answer is—next to nothing.
But why?
Allison Pilch discovers that what initially seems idyllic carries a horrific hidden cost.
With neighbors she hears but never sees, a creepy room that she keeps locked, and a new boss with a disturbing affliction; Allison will have her sanity stretched to the limit.
Oh, and let’s not forget a steadily growing, but inexplicable dread that arrives out of nowhere…

“Most books, TV shows and movies always follow the same old plots. Just change the characters names and you always know how it is going to come out. Mindless entertainment, you almost think we are unwittingly driven to “Bueller? Bueller?” drool. Noble Rot is an original story, an excellent tale and a fun read.” — Bruce Liddy

“The title made me a bit nervous but after reading the sample I couldn’t stop. Interesting characters and plot and for a paranormal thriller it was laugh out loud funny sometimes. Great read!.” — Nikki M. Sheridan

Noble Rot is only $4.99 for Kindle!  Also available in paperback.

See Carson’s other books at her Amazon page.

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The Cicada’s Cry: A Micro Zine of Haiku Poetry

Do love haiku? Do you know someone who does?

The Cicada’s Cry is Delaware’s smallest magazine!

The Cicada’s Cry publishes haiku from poets in Delaware and around the world four times a year plus a special edition!

Single issues and subscriptions available.

Visit The Cicada’s Cry on-line store.

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Justynn Tyme and The All-Out Monster Revolt

You can download PDF copies of all editions of the All-Out Monster Revolt Magazine for FREE and send them as gifts! An eclectic mix of all things giant monster, not just movies, comic books, and games.

Click here for the All-Out Monster Revolt magazines.

Visit the All-Out Monster Revolt Store for awesome Giant Monster art,  t-shirts, monster manuals, and other cool monster collectibles.


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Broken: Stories of Damaged Psyches by Weldon Burge

A a collection of five horror/suspense short stories.

“I have nothing but respect for Weldon Burge’s stories. He carries a quiet, commanding voice in his writing and might teach us something about our own lives, our own hopes and dreams and fears.” — Bruce J. Blanchard

“In a world where writing might be enjoyable but not always surprising, Burge accomplishes both. This compilation is highly recommended for anyone who loves short stories, horror on any level, or just plain great writing.” — Sydney Leigh

Broken is only $2.99 for Kindle

Also available in paperback.

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Undoing Winter by Shannon Connor Winward

Shannon Connor Winward’s Undoing Winter explores the isolated, and often very cold, landscape of motherhood. Though Winward’s words are like wintry whites and blues–sharp and haunting–her literary brushstrokes paint rather tender shades of sacrifice and heartache. A carefully crafted and evocative read. I will return to these poems again and again, and each time my breath will catch a little at Winward’s brilliance. — Jessica Bell, co-publishing editor of Vine Leaves Literary Journal, and author of Fabric, a semi-finalist in the Goodreads Readers’ Choice Awards 2012: Best Poetry

I don’t know if it’s me casting the spell
or the spell casting me. . .”
sings the poet-protagonist to her sons, lovers, therapist, reader, and self. Undoing Winter is about coming out of hibernation. About digging out versus getting dug up. Winward writes with the understanding that life’s meaning “is all in the unfolding.” — JoAnn Balingit, author of Words for House Story, Delaware Poet Laureate

Undoing Winter is $14.00 from Finishing Line Press

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The Button Field by Gail Husch

On November 18, 1897, Bertha Lane Mellish, a student at Mount Holyoke College disappeared from the campus. A minister’s daughter, twenty years younger than her only sister, Bertha was the pride of her small family. More comfortable with books than people, she left the genteel poverty of her Connecticut home hoping for a happier life at college. But what she found there, and what she learned at the mill where she worked her final summer, drove her beyond the sheltering walls of school and family.

THE BUTTON FIELD is a work of fiction, imagined from research about the real Bertha Mellish. It is coming-of-age story and a mystery, an exploration of a young woman’s hopes and expectations, of the face she showed the world and the desires she hid. And, ultimately, The Button Field investigates the space between what we can and what we will never know about the workings of another’s heart.

“ . . .The Button Field is more than a vivid and accurate representation of another time and place. Bertha’s vanished world reflects our own; she reappears to tell us something about the way our lives are lived, by comparison to hers. In the end, the author’s inquiring eye is twinned with the eye of the reader.” –Madison Smartt Bell

“Gail Husch has a remarkable talent for description. She transports the reader to a different time and place convincingly with an exciting tale of what might have happened to a young girl who disappeared from college in the 1800’s.” — Barbara F. Minchey

The Button Field is only $4.99 for Kindle!

Also available in paperback.

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Darwin’s Pause by J. Gregory Smith

Young, rich and beyond the law.

What’s the catch?

Former war photographer Fin Campbell means to find out. He never believed his old college friend’s elaborate stories to explain a pair of pristine civilizations living side by side on the isolated Polynesian island of Hoku. The entire island is designated a World Heritage Site and kept off limits by the French Navy.

When Fin receives a once in a lifetime opportunity to join his Hokutian friend to witness a private ceremony never seen by outsiders, he jumps at the chance.

Soon he becomes more than a mere observer and finds himself in a fight for his life and the survival of all Hoku.

“As much as I have enjoyed Greg Smith’s books, Darwin’s Pause transcends those experiences. The author has moved to a new level! This book was outstanding. It was captivating, action packed, thought provoking and more. A photographer accepts a vacation trip with a college friend that turns out to be far more than he expected. Think Indiana Jones meets Clive Cussler..” — William Bentrim

“Darwin’s Pause is a ripping good yarn. I found it hard to put down. The characters and the situation are plausible. The setting is idyllic. The action is nonstop with plenty of twists and turns. I find the idea of two separate societies living together on a remote island appealing. The bad guys are evil incarnate, and technologically superior to the islanders. The tension doesn’t let up until the last page.” — KB

Darwin’s Pause is only $2.99 for Kindle!  Also available in paperback.

See Greg’s other books at his Amazon page.

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